Successful Entrepreneur Or Amateur Entrepreneur – Which One Are You?

The term Entrepreneur is made up of two French words meaning to undertake or immerse yourself into something that also takes hold of you. There is a feeling of deep immersion in the process and a person who is an entrepreneur very well understands it. Understanding an entrepreneur, they can be called as people who take chances. They do things which other people might call as “gut feelings” which are instincts gained through knowledge, things which they have learnt in life and which come out as “gut feelings”. These feelings come out as experiences which help an entrepreneur to take faster decisions in terms of location, business, services etc. Miki Agrawal

Referring to the dictionary, the definition can be read as someone who simply manages a business and takes all the risk in order to produce a profit. A true entrepreneur is someone who is diligent; someone will never ever give up. A person who has their vision and dream right in front of their faces and would never allow anything, anyone, any circumstances, any hurdle to keep them from pursuing their dreams in any situation. There are lots of people out there who pursue their business but they give up at the first instance of trouble. And that’s not the true sound of an entrepreneur.

If we look today many of the businesses are run by first generation entrepreneurs. These people were humble, simple and they had a vision and a dream to help others. Adding to it, they are someone who can undertake a creative activity, someone who is unabated, imaginative and a step above others who is willing and ready to invest in their vision.

Anyone can become an entrepreneur. There is an entrepreneur in each one of us as God has gifted everyone with some or the other talent or passion which can be easily turned into a business if we desire and choose to do so. Only thing is how much you believe in your dreams and passions and how far can you go to make them a reality.

Some of the qualities of entrepreneurs are they give freedom to do what you want to do. They allow you make your own goals and if in case you make mistakes; you live with them. They believe that you won’t learn if you don’t make mistakes and hence we understand the meaning of being accountable. Entrepreneurs look for opportunity irrespective of resources available to them.


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