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Are you really a “multi level entrepreneur” if you join a multilevel business? How can you be a true entrepreneur when you join a multi level company?

Well I have been on both sides of the fence as an entrepreneur. Miki Agrawal Trust me a “multi level entrepreneur” has a much better chance of success than a traditional entrepreneur.

Did you know that 90% of all new businesses fail in the first two years? Did you know that? Then it gets worse. Then from year two on 80% fail by year five. Sounds like great odds doesn’t it? Sounds like fun..right!!

Well it is fun if you get it right! And where most entrepreneurs succeed is because they get their business systems down pat. But it sometimes takes years to get a business system established. Oh yes then you have to test and test again to get it right. And that can be expensive so you better have money in the bank to get you through those building years. I have spent thousands of dollars perfecting a system and then it isn’t right.

Where a “multi level entrepreneur” has it good is that many multi level companies come with great leadership that already has the system in place for you to start your business. You see they take care of product development, research, customer service, distribution, global expansion and much more. As an “multi level entrepreneur” you don’t have to worry about that from the beginning like a regular entrepreneur. All you have to do is get people interested in your company’s products and business model. And if you are a really great “multi-level entrepreneur” you will join a company that already has a system in place to help you find those people. Imagine…a complete, tested system …ready to go! And it typically does not cost that much. I can assure you…it’s much cheaper than going the regular entrepreneur way.

So in my view..a “multi level entrepreneur” is much smarter than a traditional entrepreneur. They have figured out how to have someone else handle all the hassles. The “multi level entrepreneur” has figured out it is much easier to borrow an established system than invent one on their own. The “multi level entrepreneur” has figured out how to increase their chance of success and for much less than it would cost a traditional entrepreneur. Hmmm…I just wonder who is smarter!


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